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Who Needs a Bank Account When You Can Pay Online?!

The trend of using the internet for almost everything is never going to stop. It seems that we are living in the age of the internet and everyone today is transferring all of their businesses and affairs online. This is also true for online payments because more and more people are using them these days.

Just a decade ago, it was unthought of to use the internet to purchase something. We were more comfortable with going into the store and picking out merchandise like that. Of course, we paid in cash and it felt natural and normal. Nowadays, everyone has credit cards and no one holds a lot of cash in their wallets anymore.

So, to take the next step in this trend, people are transferring their transaction actions online and they are using online payment services to make their purchases. And not only that. They choose to store their funds in their online accounts and use them whenever they can. If you don't feel like we live in a modern age of technology, you should start right about now.

What Are Online Payment Services?

It is true today that 4 out of 5 people use the internet to do banking online. At first, this world of online payments seemed way too complex and complicated but, as time goes on, everyone is slowly becoming a part of it. Today, no matter what you are doing, you will always have online payments as a choice and many will accept them.

Online payment services exist to make your life easier. It is a perfect way to support your business with anyone and you don't have to have physical contact with them. The funds are stored and transferred easily and in no time. These services are used to store your money and to share it with others in a series of easy and quick steps.

Using an online payment service is a secure way of upgrading and growing your organization to heights that you cannot possibly imagine. Many people manage their online payments but the beginning of it was not simple because the entire process may seem bit intimidating and scary. However, these services are secure and your funds are completely in your control.

How Do Online Payments Work?

Thinking about these online payments will make you believe that the entire process is really simple. We never do more than click on certain fields and, before you know it, the transaction is complete. However, there is a series of things that have to happen in order for your online transaction to be completed.

First of all, you need to have a merchant account. If you don't have one, some services such as PayPal will provide you with one. Also, you need an account with the payment service provider. These two accounts are vital and no online payments can be processed if these two don't exist.

Finally, you need websites with payment buttons. These buttons can serve the purpose of joining, donating, or buying some merchandise. Once you click on those buttons, the cycle of online payments starts. You enter your account details and the rest is done automatically.

What Are the Benefits of Using An Online Payment Service?

If you are an old-school entrepreneur or a business owner, you still love the act of physically acquiring something and paying for it. However, there are many benefits that come with using the best online payment services. Take a look at some of them and you be the judge if they are worth taking.

Comfortable Payment Processing

Millions of people around the world are becoming more comfortable with issuing and taking online payments. These services process payments in an easy and quick way and everyone wants to become a part of it. Basically, if your website doesn't support online payments, it will fall behind its competitor companies.

Quick Payment Process

Manual payments are still popular but they have loads of things on their backs. They are slower and you usually have to wait for the payment to process. However, if you are doing it online, it is done instantaneously and there is no waiting included. This builds up for a quick payment that can save you valuable time.

Set up Automated Payments

If you have regular payments that need to happen monthly, doing them manually is a lot of trouble. There is always the danger of missing your window or forgetting about them. With that in mind, you can set up automated payments that can happen without your presence every month. Therefore, you will never miss them as long as you have funds in your online account.

What Are the Basic Features of All Online Payment Systems?

It is paramount that you can issue and accept payments easily and without any problems. Therefore, there are many features and basic terms that can be found within every online payment service. Let's check them out one by one.

Payment Gateway

An online payment gateway is a program that collects requests for online payments from your website and sends them on to the payment processor. The payment gateway can be compared to the electronic version of the register when you swipe your credit card at the local supermarket.

Payment Processor

A payment processor is a company that verifies a customer's credit card information and determines whether the customer has enough money in their account to make the payment. If the customer has enough money, the transaction is approved and the money is taken out of their account.

Merchant Account

A bank account known as a merchant account enables a client to accept payments made with credit or debit cards. Regulations set out by card associations must be followed by merchant suppliers. Many processors serve as both the payment gateway and the merchant account. If you don't have a merchant account, an online payment service will provide you with one.

What Is the Best Online Payment Service to Accept Payments?

The payments process is an invaluable thing in today's world and the world of IT. You can pick many different services that will manage global payments whether you own a business or run an online store. These bank transfers are done neatly and you can rest assured that nothing will go wrong.

On our special list, you can find 6+ most popular online payment services. They allow you to issue payments and accept payments from anyone easily and quickly. There is an evergrowing battle between the first two services on our list and they are Stripe and PayPal. Of course, many people use PayPal for their online transactions and it is probably the most popular payment service online.

However, there are other systems and services you can pick from our list and some of them are Braintree Payments, Gumroad, and Chargebee. They all come with distinct features that make any e-commerce process easy. Also, they will manage your digital wallet with ease and with the utmost safety and security.

Are There Free Online Payment Services?

Using anything online comes with different stages of access. If you want to accept payments and keep your digital wallet neat, you can use any of the tools from our list. They are all top-notch and you won't have any problems while processing payments. However, there is something that cannot be overlooked.

If you want an online wallet where you keep your money and issue transactions, you will need to recompensate for their use. The users need to know that these services come with certain fees that simply cannot be overlooked. They are not too high and that is the main reason why millions of people manage their payments online.

Namely, most of these services including Stripe and PayPal have their yearly maintenance fees. They will take a certain amount of money from your account as a fee for keeping your digital wallet safe and secure. Your money is not going anywhere and these systems cannot issue this if you don't have sufficient funds. Also, there are no other hidden fees involved.

Final Thoughts?

It is time for you to step out of the shadows of the physical world and step into the light of online payments. Customers all around the world are using their online payment services to make purchases and accept payments every single day. This software is easy to use, comes with free support, and will manage your funds in a neat and secure way.

It doesn't matter if you want to pay for something or accept payments, you will need some of the best online payment services. PayPal, Stripe, and many others are waiting for you on our list and you can pick them up today. Of course, make sure to check our list frequently because we always add new tools and services when we find them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions below.

How Are Credit Card Payments Processed Online?

Credit card payments are processed via any online payment service. The reason for the growth of popularity of this service is that anyone can use it. Once you want to become a member of a website or purchase something from it, you will see a form that you need to fill in. Usually, you need to share some of your personal information and also your credit card account. Once everything is done, the website will take the funds from your credit card and vouch for your safety and the security of your personal information.

Why Might Someone Choose to Use Online Payments?

There are many benefits that come with the use of the most popular online payments. First of all, it is faster and easier than physical payments. The period between a physical payment and its processing is much shorter if you are using an online payment service. It saves your time, the fees are usually lower, and you can do it from the comfort of your home without dealing with cash. Therefore, many people use these services because they have shown up to be very convenient and easy to use.

What Are the Types of Online Payments?

There are many different types of payments that you can do online. For example, a simple trasnfer from one account to another is the simplest form of payment online. However, if you access an e-commerce website, you need to issue payments for the merchandise you have acquired. Also, you can leave donations and become members of any website online. All of those payments are processed by the online payment services.

What Is the Best Way to Accept Payments Online?

The best way to accept payments online is if you have an online payment service with your own account on it. This account is called the merchant account and, if you don’t have one, the payment service will provide you with one. This account serves as your digital wallet and you can process and accept payments on it every single day. It is a safe and secure way of dealing with online payment processes.

How to Set Up Online Payments on Website?

Setting up an online payment service on your website is not complicated. First of all, you need to know what kind of a website you own. If you have an e-commerce online shop, you will need payments for all the merchandise on your website. Also, if your website requires members to log in, you will need that kind of service as well. Usually, setting up an online payment service on your website is automatic and it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort.