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Increase Your Conversion Rates with the Best Email Marketing Services

Are you searching for the best email marketing platforms out there? Well, we can help you in many ways. Email marketing is a very important task that every business needs in order to increase sales and conversion rates, and strengthen the connection with leads and potential customers.

Email marketing tools at your disposal will automate every customer journey on the market and they will allow you to send bulk emails to the visitors of your websites and guide them through your marketing funnel. This way, you have better chances of increasing the success of your enterprise.

Choosing the top email marketing services is not easy because the choice is really wide. Also, many new tools appear all the time. Therefore, it is crucial to know all about them and make the right choice when you decide to go this way. This insight will help you make the best choices for your email marketing needs.

What Is Email Marketing Software?

First of all, email marketing is one of the most popular services in today's IT industry. It increases sales and conversion rates, and it generates more leads on your website. Therefore, using the right email marketing service is paramount if you want the best service for a small budget.

Email marketing software allows you to keep track of your customer relationships on your website. They allow you to automatically send emails to the visitors of your website who have already shared their email addresses with you. That way, you don't have to oversee this interaction.

The automation process of these tools allows you to offer the best customer journey to your leads and help them better understand your services. These tools can send various types of emails to customers and they will, in return, increase your email marketing strategy.

What Kinds of Email Marketing Are There?

You need to know that email marketing is not a uniform niche. There are many different ways in which you can contact your customers and leads. Therefore, it is important to know all the different ways in which you can use the best email marketing tools.

Sending Special Offers

When customers enter your website, they will be able to see all of the offers you have for them. However, there are some special offers you have that the customers might not find if they don't visit your website regularly. Therefore, you can use these tools to send emails with special offers.

Sending "Thank You" and abandoned carts Emails

Whenever a customer makes a purchase on your website, you need to make sure that this is a unique experience for them. Therefore, the automated email marketing platforms will send "thank you" emails after a purchase has been made. This helps strengthen the bond between your business and the customers.

Also, this works whenever a customer has put merchandise in their cart and then abandoned it. An automated email will be sent to them reminding them that they have items in their cart. This will help them remember their purchase and lead them to eventually finish it. After they finish it, they will get an automatic email with a "thank you" message.

Gain Insight Into Customer Data

You cannot always know what customers thought was appealing and attractive on your website. However, if you are using the right email marketing software, you can gain insight into which emails and links your customers open. As a result, you can create personalized emails for those customers.

How Do Email Marketing Tools Work?

We already mentioned that these tools are automated. This means that you don't have to oversee every little detail about them or the work that they do. Email marketing software creates heaps of unlimited emails and sends them to the preferred email addresses and customers on its own behalf.

The entire process starts by building an email listing of all the customers and visitors to your website. These tools also create many different email templates that are used for every different occasion. Therefore, you won't send the same email for a "thank you" message and for an abandoned cart warning.

The tools in this category track the actions of your customers in real-life and they automatically make the decisions when to send them an email. This helps make your email marketing campaigns stronger and attract the same customers to your website. Overall, it will successfully increase conversion rates on your site.

What Are the Basic Types of an Email Marketing Service?

Gaining the attention of your customers and leads is paramount if you want to have a successful online store or business. Therefore, different email marketing services are used to attract and contact customers. Here are some of the basic email marketing types that you can use.

Email Newsletters

Sending newsletters is an important part of every online store or any other business that offers its services. Email marketing tools can send automated newsletters to your customers and inform them about the new services and merchandise they can check.

Transactional Emails

Whenever there is a purchase on your website, you need to keep track of it. This is important for you as well as for your customers. Therefore, the tools at your disposal can send invoices, billing statements, order confirmations, and other types of marketing automation.

Behavioral Emails

These types of emails allow you to better know your customers. They are all about personalization and sending welcome emails, recommendations, password renewals, and many others. This service allows for unlimited contacts with your leads.

What Are the Best Email Marketing Platforms?

When you have a wide choice of anything in front of you, you know that it is always hard to make a choice. Even if it is something trivial such as ice cream flavors, one cannot make his mind up in a simple way. So, you might not like the fact that there are so many email marketing services available to you.

On our list of tools, you will gain insight into 24+ amazing tools that will improve your marketing automation. The best email marketing platform we offer is MailChimp. It is the tool that has received tons of positive reviews and the biggest number of people use it. It is definitely the best email marketing software.

Also, you have a wide choice of these email marketing solutions. Some of them are Constant Contact, SendGrid, MailerLite, Klaviyo, and many others. They all include a drag-and-drop builder that will help you automate your email service provider. Therefore, you can't make a mistake with any of them.

Are There Email Marketing Tools with a Free Plan?

You can choose any email marketing tool from our list and we cannot say that you made a mistake. They are all amazing and the services they offer are really wide. Still, you are not going to like what you read next because it deals with your budget.

Namely, there are no tools in this category that offer a free plan. You can choose between trial access and paid plans. Trial access is great because it allows you to test these services out for free and then decide whether you want to continue to use them. Of course, you will get an automated email informing you about your trial expiration.

Make sure to understand your needs when you pick the best email marketing services. They need to have an easy interface (preferably a drag-and-drop editor), marketing automation, send bulks of emails, manage your contact lists, and avoid the spam folder.

Final Thoughts on Email Marketing Platforms?

Email campaigns are an important part of every business. Emails are still the #1 communication method between customers and online stores and websites. Therefore, it is paramount that you choose the best email marketing service for your business. We have shown you the list of these tools and it is up to you to make them your own.

Email marketing service providers will allow you to save time with their automated processes. They will increase the conversion rates on your website and establish contact with your customers and leads. Also, these tools will help you gain insight into what your customers click on and which links they visit the most on your website.

Most email marketing platforms come with a handy trial that ends in your payment. Therefore, you need to have at least a small budget for these tools. They are friendly to small businesses and will improve anyone's email marketing solution. Any basic email marketing service will be enough to make your business skyrocket.

If you are afraid that these emails will be too generic, don't be! These tools offer many email templates that you can customize as best you want. You can choose the pre-built email templates or create your own and make your emails an experience to remember.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions below.

Is it Free To Use?

There are no email marketing platforms that offer free plans. The two choices you have are a paid plan or a trial access. If you choose the trial access, you will be able to use the limited features of these tools for free for a certain period of time. However, when the trial access expires, you will need to become a premium member of this software in order to keep using it.

What Is Email Marketing Platform?

An email marketing platform is software that enables you to send bulk emails to the visitors and customers of your website. This software works automatically and it uses templates for your emails that are being sent to the customers. The emails are sent automatically on every predetermined level of the customer’s journey and they can boost your email marketing campaings.

When Should I Start Using Email Marketing Platform?

Email marketing platforms are suitable for every business. Small businesses use it as much as the bigger enterprises. Any moment can be the right moment for the use of these tools because they tackle the customer journey and improve it. Perhaps the best moment for using these platforms is when you have created a substantial mailing list. That way, no customer will ever feel left out.

What Are The 4 Types Of Marketing Emails?

There are various types of marketing emails but we usually differentiate between 4 kinds. The first one is newsletter emails that sent newsletters with personalized content to the customers and leads. The second one is the acquisition emails that include invoices, payment statements, and everything related to purchases. The next one is retention emails that often include feedbacks and surveys that the customers need to do. Finally, the last type is promotional emails that offer promotions and special offers to your customers and leads.

Why Should I Use an Email Marketing Platform?

There are many advantages to using the best email marketing services. First of all, they allow for a better customer journey of anyone on your website or online store. They increase your conversion rates and upgrade your email marketing campaigns. These tools are automated and they send emails without having to pre-check with you or your staff. Also, they let you customize the templates so that you will always know what kind of emails your customers will get.