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Manage Your Custom Domain Name with a URL Shortener

How many times have you gotten a private message that contained a super long URL? The moment you see that kind of message, you discard it as spam or as malware and you are never going to click on that link. The reason is simple - it is too long and it just looks way too suspicious.

This is just one of the examples of why long links are not the best solution for anyone to use. Naturally, you want your links to be as short as possible and there is a way to do that. You can use the best URL shorteners on the market and improve the overall accessibility and performance of your website.

The difference between long URLs and short links might seem like an insignificant one but there is a lot of it that adds up to the use of these tools. Short links are easier to manage and track while the longer ones are more difficult and they raise suspicion. Therefore, let's learn more about this useful software.

What Are Link Managers and URL Shorteners?

Even though the name of these tools seems very straightforward and to the point, there is quite some difference between simple URL shorteners and the ones that offer a link management platform. The first one only shortens your links and makes them easier to distribute and use.

The second one, the one that can manage links, includes additional features that can optimize, manage, track, and shorten links. This way, you get the best possible outcome with every link that you have used so far. These tools include real-time reporting, sharing, measuring, and optimizing URLs.

Therefore, for the sake of your business, you need a powerful tool that embodies the best of both worlds. These link managers and URL shortener tools will help you achieve the best performance with the links you have at your disposal. You can use shortened links for your social media accounts or your own custom domain.

Why Is Shortening URLs So Important?

Custom domains rely on their links to achieve the best results within their marketing strategies without using complicated marketing tools. If you use the tools that can create short links, your performance and overall recognition will elevate to a much higher level. Therefore, let's speak more about the reasons why you should use a link shortener.

A Long URL Is Not Good

Everything revolves around sharing links with other people and groups. Whether you do it on social media or some other platform, your link needs to be appealing. Sending really long URLs will look suspicious to others and they will struggle with the idea of opening them. So, the tools that can create shortened URLs step in.

Create Branded Links

If you want to spread the word about your product or your company, branded URLs are the way to go. This can easily be done if you have short links that can be managed by a link management platform. Branded short links are the best way to improve your marketing campaigns.

Track Performance

Custom URL shortener services offer many different possibilities. With different links, they can manage them on many different levels even to the point of tracking their performance. This includes click tracking, link clicks, custom reports, and general information about your link's performance.

Avoid Problems with Character Limit

Imagine if you want to share a link that is really important to you on Twitter or some other social media. If your URL is too long, you won't be able to share it with others. Therefore, you need a good URL shortener to do link shortening for you and this problem can go away instantly.

How Do the Link Shorteners Work?

We have told you a lot about what these amazing tools can do and especially if they are teamed up with features for link management. However, we haven't told you how these tools actually work. Well, if most of you had to venture a guess, you probably wouldn't be able to give a correct answer to that question.

Most people think that these tools simply shorten the links and leave them like that. However, that is not the case. The original long link doesn't change. It still stays the same important link that leads to your desired page. However, URL shortener tools simply create a short URL that leads to the same page.

This means that there are two starting points that lead to the same page and you just get to shorten and manage the one that you make with these tools. This is a neat option that doesn't really change the nature of your link; it simply creates a shortcut that leads to the same place and it is much easier to manage and share.

What Are the Best URL Shorteners?

Picking any tool for your needs today is a pain. However, it shouldn't be like that. When you have a website that takes care of your wishes and needs, like ours, your choices are much easier than before. So, check out our list of 7+ best link managers &URL shorteners. They are all special and their features will blow you away.

For example, the list is not big but it includes some resounding names. Some of the top tools in this category are Bit.ly and Linktr.ee. These two tools come with embedded support for link management options and they can create short links, manage links, and track their performance. You really get the best out of all your links.

Also, there are some other tools at your disposal here such as TinyURL, AdFly, Rebrandly, and others. These tools are also awesome and really affordable to use. They can create custom branded links for you and they are excellent Google URL shortener alternatives (which got shut down a couple of years ago). Sometimes, Google is not the best tool you can use.

Is There a Free Link Shortener to Use?

One of the major factors in choosing a tool for you to use is the pricing. No one wants to spend a lot of money on any tool, no matter how good or impactful it is. So, everyone wants to find a free URL shortener and use them without any spending. Overall, this would launch one's ROI to orbit.

You are lucky if you think this way because there are link shorteners that allow you to have a free account. They can create short URLs and custom URL slugs for your business and they won't need money from you. These tools are Linktr.ee, TinyURL, AdFly, and Tiny.cc. Pick the best URL shortener among them.

On the other hand, the majority of other tools that can shorten and edit links come with trial access. In order to get shortened URLs, you will need to use these tools for some period of time and then upgrade to the premium account. Even with that, they are not too expensive and you will get excellent service from them.

How to Pick the Best URL Shorteners?

First of all, you need to understand what you want and what you need. If you need a simple URL shortener, you can get it as a free version and it will make all your links shorter. However, not all tools have link management services embedded in them. So, you can find them in different tools and software.

Next, think about the ease of access. These tools have a variety of features at your disposal and, still, they are very easy to use. Some are easier than others and you need to pick the ones with a perfect combination - an excellent range of features with an easy and friendly user interface.

Finally, you need to think about the payments and the prices of these tools. They want to give you the best URL choices and they will do everything in their power but some of them need to be paid for. As you have seen, there are some tools in this category that come with a free plan and you can try them out now.

Final Thoughts?

Great things can happen if you know where to look. If you needed some expert services when it comes to link shortening, you have come to the right place. We have shown you some of the most popular URL shortener tools that you can start using right now. Forget about the long and messy links that no one wants to open.

These tools will make a neat link for your web pages and they will do it with style. Also, these link management platforms will allow you to track and manage links that are important to you. That way, you will always be one step in front of your competition and your competitors will wonder about your might and prowess.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions below.

What Is A Url Shortening Service Used For?

A URL shortening service is used for creating custom short links for web pages of your choice. Most of the times, the links that we use are too long and bulky. Therefore, when you share them to other people, you need a lot more space and they hesitate to open them because they look like spam or malware. Therefore, the URL shorteners make shorter links that send you to the same page.

How Do I Shorten A Url Link?

Shortening a link cannot be done manually without using the proper tools. The best way to do that is to use one of the link shortening tools at your disposal. These tools have ease of access that will shorten your custom links easily and without any problems. Also, you can use tools that not only shorten the links but are also able to track them, manage, and customize their performance.

What Do Url Shorteners Do?

URL shorteners create a shorter link that leads to the same page which was used before the shortening of the link. In fact, these tools don’t create new links. They simply create a shortcut that leads to the same long link but this shortcut is shorter and much more appealing to the eye. Also, if you pick the best URL shorteners, you can track the performance of your URLs such as click tracking and performance check.

What Are The Benefits Of Url Shortening?

The benefits of URL shortening are numerous. First of all, your links will not be too long, bulky, and massive. That way, when you share your links with others, they will click on it more easily than before. Furthermore, you can generate branded links that can promote certain brands and companies to your advantage. The links you use can be too long for some social media so, by shortening them, you can make sure that they can fit your status on Twitter or other platforms.

How URL Shortener Work?

Most of the features of the URL shorteners are automatic and you don’t have to spend too much on them. The long links are being shortened in an instant and you can install them easily. Also, if you want to manage your links and track your performance, your performance reports will be waiting for you and all you have to do is grab them. Therefore, the work of this software is mainly automatic and its ease of access adds to its popularity.